Browse Instagram photos around you with Localscope v4.5, again

August 1, 2016

We’re happy to announce the availability of the latest version of Localscope – 4.5 with fixes for the Instagram and CitySearch service integrations and more.

Localscope integrates with Instagram to fetch geo-tagged photo content from around your location and presents them to you in a unique view. However, due to a recent change in the Instagram API, users have been unable to explore places around them via Instagram. With v4.5 Localscope now officially integrates with the new Instagram API. Based on the new API guidelines, users who’d like to see pictures of places around a location, will now be required to login to their Instagram account and authorize Localscope. Once the necessary permissions are given to Localscope, it makes a direct API connection to Instagram i.e. there are no servers in between. All the user’s account credentials are stored securely on their device. Further, since we do not get users to create an account with Localscope, there is no way for us to save your location details or your search queries.

Apart from Instagram, we have also fixed the search results for CitySearch within Localscope.

Over 2 years back, YouTube did some changes in their search index which has been preventing location based searches from Localscope to deliver results. This is a known issue and while YouTube has promised a fix, there has been none till date. As a result, we have decided to now remove it from our list of supported integrations until a fix is released by them. With v4.5, we’ve also removed ParkMe as a service from Localscope as our partnership with them has expired.

We hope you enjoy Localscope v4.5 with the new fixes! The new version is live and available on the App Store, get it now!