Collaboration software for manufacturing: Using to capture and record unmanaged data

February 15, 2010

Technology is changing the way we do business. From punch cards to IDEs, drafting tables to CAD, new technologies have simplified the process models of businesses worldwide.

As technologies change, however, the foundation they are building upon and the knowledge of senior, experienced engineers does not. As businesses move forward, many are now scrambling to capture and record the old expert knowledge that helped pave the way to current business success. Retirements are one of the biggest reasons for loss of important business knowledge. Inflexible ERP business processes don't mesh with the realities of detail manufacturing operations. Manufacturing companies need to find effective ways to prevent devastating knowledge loss by retaining intellectual capital and dynamically building a content bank.

Collaboration software for manufacturing allows the storage of core practices, principles, methodologies and knowledge so that this information can be both available and usable for current and future generations. Smart businesses use the information to grow by leaps and bounds by bringing new talents up to speed quickly on the core principles that lay the foundation for current systems., collaboration software for manufacturing, enables companies to store, search, and retrieve relevant (and often times unmanaged) data through a single system in minimal time. Whether it be proposals, manuals, requirements documents, or notes jotted down on a napkin, connects the people with the knowledge they need to move ahead. The end result is a 40% reduction in time spent searching for documents, awaiting email responses, and unnecessary trial and error hardships.'s collaboration software for manufacturing is currently used in a variety of ways across a wide variety of manufacturing industries. Whether you're an information worker or on the plant floor, can help you access information, make better decisions and get work done more effectively. lets companies collaborate across design, manufacturing, and supply chain functions, internally and across corporate boundaries with suppliers, customers, design partners and contract manufacturers. A few departments that use to push their business forward include:

Manufacturing and Engineering

  • collaboration around product specifications, performance ranges and standard operating procedures

  • fine tune changes in the engineering and manufacturing processes

  • competitive intelligence building

Quality Assurance

  • conversation tracking to reduce repetition across departments

  • internal and external document sharing and tracking

  • shared test reports

Product Development & Planning

  • collaborative document creation and editing

  • milestone tracking

  • knowledge sharing, storage, and retrieval

  • requirements gathering provides a set of valuable collaborative tools that leading manufacturers are using to make an impact today. Manufacturing companies are using for everything from internal projects and knowledge sharing to customer-facing communities. has been filling in the blanks (and removing that blank look from faces) by providing businesses with comprehensive data that keeps everyone in every department (including clients) on the same page. We invite you to give it a try as well.