Bliki: Blog and Wiki Alternative

February 7, 2007

Mark Harvey has been reviewing tools on his blog to help them communicate, collaborate and operate more effectively. He does a wonderful job describing his experience of using

…I recently reviewed the bliki and was impressed with both its functionality and ease of use. It’s a neat platform which, although might appear a little foreign when you look at the initial blank screen, really picks up steam after you begin creating a few notes or posts. It also nets high marks for its refreshingly uncluttered user interface.“I couldn't agree more. Ever since we have started using internally, individual productivity has drastically increased. Creating content in the web based word editor is as easy as using a desktop office. The clean UGM (Usable by Grand Mothers) interface is very intuitive for a comparatively novice user to start creating and collaborating on content. Ten minutes saved equals to a lot of time, money and effort saved.

Thanks for the mention Mark.