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July 30, 2007

Mark Wiseman writes articles and reviews about wiki’s on ‘All the wikis’. His site is a useful resource for comparing wiki packages and finally selecting an appropriate wiki package.

Mark gives a thumbs up to on his Wiki-dedicated blog site. He emphasizes on the very powerful collaborative features that impress almost all reputed technology bloggers.

This is what he has to say- is definitely worth a look if you are looking for a professional collaborative environment with heaps of useful features. The free option provides you with a very useful space on the internet that you can keep private or share with the world. If you are work on collaborative projects you have plenty of options here.

You can read the entire blog post at

The philosophy of is based on the idea of letting teams in different locations work together with the minimum of fuss.

Collaborate with

  • Overcome Geographical Barriers

  • Instant On-Demand setup

  • Zero Infrastructure costs

  • Robust & Granular scalability

Thank you Mark, we appreciate the mention.