v3.1.1 – Bug fix release now available

March 15, 2010

I'm happy to announce that 3.1.1 release is now available. This release is a follow-up release to v3.1, with several bugfixes and minor improvements, so I recommend that everybody update to this release as soon as possible.

Key fixes

  • Search results page was broken. Fixed.

  • New: Manual translations for German and Japanese contributed by Community members.

  • Links in password reset emails were not working in Japanese and a few other languages. Fixed.

  • Desktop Client installation would fail if Adobe AIR was not present on the system at all, nothing would happen when the Yes button was clicked on the &"Install Adobe AIR?" message. Fixed.

  • Bookmark links when clicked by anonymous users would directly navigate to the bookmarked remote page instead of showing the bookmark page with description, comments, etc. Fixed.

Minor fixes / improvements

  • Minor cosmetic changes to the language drop down selector, the larger font size makes it easier to read.

  • New CSS3 shadows! These are visible only in Firefox 3.5+ or in latest Webkit engine browsers (Safari 4+ and Google Chrome 4+) at the moment. IE and other browsers are still playing catch up on this.

  • The mindmap portlet was not working on the Space dashboards in some cases. Fixed.

  • Incorrect WebDAV URLs on sites running under a directory. Fixed.

  • Sometimes an item's date would show in a different language than the chosen one, the x hours ago functionality has been removed and now the numerical dates are shown.

Updated download links for the community edition appliance and the source code available here:

Community Contributions

A big Thank You to our community members for helping iron out issues with the translation. We couldn't have done it without you!

mdebus: Re-worked German translation for missing strings, and punctuation fixes

suiato: Manual translation for Japanese language

If you'd like to localize by translating the software interface and documentation in your language, your contributions are welcome. Please refer to this wiki page in the community for more details on contributing towards translation: (login required)

The full changelog of closed issues for 3.1.1 are available at (Login required).