sponsors Indibloggies – the Indian Weblog Awards

February 26, 2007 is sponsoring the Indibloggies - The Indian Weblog Awards. The Indibloggies is an effort by blogger Debashish Chakrabarty to showcase the outstanding talent in the Indian Blogosphere.

The Indibloggies Awards unlike others is a highly interactive award system with three different phases. The first two phases of the awards that included an open nomination via and the jury rating are over. The final list of the nominees is out and are open for public voting. The 175 nominated blogs are distributed in around 16 categories ranging from technology blogs to photo blogs and blogs in various other Indian languages.

Blogging as a medium has gained large acceptance amongst the Indian intellect and people are using it as a means to voice their opinions. According to an MSN survey there are around 3.5 million active bloggers in the Indian cyberspace. The Indibloggies awards is an excellent means to create more opportunities for these bloggers and generate more interest.

What's most important to us is that we as a technology company are able to provide the technology to enhance and encourage the evolution in the blogosphere. I can only describe this whole evolutionary development as amazing. is sponsoring the prizes for the Best Indiblog of the year among other categories. Go ahead and cast your vote for your favorite Indiblog!