Cynapse is now an Apple Mobility Partner

December 20, 2017

This has been official but under wraps for a while and it is now time to make the announcement: We are proud to announce that Cynapse is now an Apple Mobility Partner.

As a member of the Mobility Partner Program, Cynapse is leveraging Apple’s expertise in design and customer experience, as well as its reach with hundreds of millions of devices, to bring solutions like Numerics v5 to more businesses around the world.

Numerics was created to connect and pull the most relevant KPIs from any business software and present them beautifully as dashboards on devices of all sizes. As an Apple mobility partner, Cynapse is able to connect Numerics to a diverse set of business applications with the aim of providing a tightly integrated dashboard solution to business users of Apple devices.

We've also gained deep market and platform insights that have been a key catalyst to the realization of the new Numerics experience on Apple TV.

We are honored to be a part of Apple's initiative amongst some of the best companies in the Apple ecosystem. See the full list of the Mobility Partners here -