Education 2.0: Applying enterprise collaboration software to classrooms

February 1, 2010

Enterprise Collaboration Software is making its way to the forefront as an essential tool of doing business. From document creation to team scheduling and management, enterprise collaboration software helps teams worldwide get their jobs done.

The advantages that the users of have noted repeatedly are simple and have been proven to cross a very diverse set of industries. From increased productivity and enhanced organizational performance to simply having the ability to communicate in ways only dreamed of during business expansion, we know that our clients are getting more done everyday by using the enterprise collaboration software.

A few clients recently have voiced how is being used in education to allow for expanded communication of students, faculty, and administration. Some customers are using to merge disconnected education systems into a single global distributed learning platform called Education 3.0. From the elementary school level to higher learning, several users have reported how enterprise collaboration software in education:

  • allows classes to interact with each other,

  • lets homework assignments to be easily created, discussed and completed

  • enables teachers to make documents, course and reference materials available to students at all times,

  • increases interactive learning with on-the-fly ad-hoc discussions

  • sends out notifications about school events to key stakeholders like parents

With the growing popularity of social media websites like Facebook and MySpace, schools are using tools like to easily transition their students in fun and educating ways.

Smart schools are getting smarter as technology engages students and invites them to help each other in productive ways. Teachers are also having fun learning new ways to communicate with this technology-driven generation. The overall effect is a communication medium that is accessible to both groups and that works using tools that both are already familiar with.

Imagine what happens when students think teachers are cool? Well, teachers aren't sitting at the cool table yet, and students are still banned from the teacher's lounge, but enterprise collaboration software in education is definitely a step in the right direction.