Enterprise 2.0 – Efficient Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange

May 21, 2009

It is often tricky to justify tangible, monetary benefits of Enterprise 2.0 software to customers. Starting from the age of NNTP, IRC, Email, Enterprise forums and Bulletin boards - these technologies, all concentrate on Increasing collaboration and benefiting from the collective intelligence. How is E2.0 different?

The focus of Enterprise 2.0 software is on the user experience. Enterprise software is complex to use and that makes it suck. The most basic yet the biggest challenge is to persuade employees to use these tools in their daily work. Enterprise 2.0 software inventors are walking that last mile to make these tools more intuitive, facilitating interactions and conversations among people and their knowledge. How? Spend a few minutes to check out the presentation below - published by Oscar Berg & Henrik Gustaffson.

In a very succinct manner this presentation accurately explains what is Enterprise 2.0, it's importance in the Enterprise and how increased level of collaborative working among employees can benefit organizations.