Enterprise Blogging with cyn.in

February 12, 2007

"Why do I need a blog?" Have you been asked this question before? Have you faced problems in convincing your CXO about the benefits of blogging? Or have you posed this question to your Marketing head? If you said a ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, this post for you.Very simply, a Blog is the easiest way to communicate effectively with your customers, readers and employees.

Blogging is the most comfortable way to update your company website and inform readers about the developments in your business.Blogs can be used internally in a company to improve communication within the organization, for collaboration and knowledge sharing.Some of the benefits that blogging brings for businesses that also form powerful reasons for making the investment are:

  1. Blogs are low-cost quick web publishing tools

  2. Blogs can be used as a tool to share the company's management views with the customers

  3. Enterprise blogging can help you engage customers, help you build your business and increase brand recognition

  4. Blogs act as great marketing material e.g. link to a positive testimonial or blog post related to your offerings

  5. Blogs work out to be an excellent vehicle for customer feedback

  6. Business blogging can be a powerful communication tool, as good as newsletters or mail

Technology, you might think, is one of the biggest barriers to implementing a blog strategy in most of the non-blogging companies. Wrong! Surveys prove that a majority of these companies fear of losing control about what the employees write and the company message being conveyed.

cyn.in's inherrent nature of securely managing roles makes it a very powerful enterprise blogging tool. Here's how you can use cyn.in for your business blog:

  1. cyn.in enables you to decide which employees have the right to publish to the web. This takes care of most of the risks involved with losing control to the information being published.

  2. Create a draft blogging plan, where people can publish to the Intranet space and get some inputs internally before going live with the content.

  3. SlashTags enable a Single Click Publish of the blog post to the web

  4. Have a SlashTag in the Intranet space that lists out blogging policies and FAQs

  5. cyn.in supports advanced RSS feed broadcasting with special Filecast feeds that enable you to distribute relevant information and files to your customers.

  6. cyn.in's web space is SEO friendly that helps in increasing your search engine rankings, benefiting the marketing.

  7. cyn.in allows guest users to comment on your posts on the web, enabling you to get comments from genuine users. The guest user registration completely eliminates spam comments

cyn.in provides easy and effecitve ways to organize content. We use cyn.in as our Internal and external blog apart from using it for bug tracking, collaboration, knowledge and process management.