Get Numbers from Trello with Numerics v2.1

January 8, 2015

Over 6 months ago, we moved to using Trello boards to manage our product development. The open endedness of Trello boards enabled us to quickly create and manage boards for our product release cycles, customer feedback, product roadmap and more. We soon had over 20 boards each buzzing with lots of lists and carefully crafted cards.

The team is loving it, but we had one issue. There was no easy way to get a statistical overview of the work getting done on Trello. We realized this must be an issue for a large number of Trello users. As creators of Numerics we decided to integrate with Trello so it’s users worldwide using iOS devices can track and share their metrics. Today we’re excited to release Numerics v2.1 with Trello integration.

Numerics v2.1 adds 4 Trello widget packs – Personal Stats, Organization Stats, List Stats and Board Stats – with 23 pre-designed widgets giving you some great insights presented in intuitive pie charts, funnel lists and number tallies.

The Trello Personal Stats widget pack is available for free and is the best way to try out the Trello integration in Numerics. It presents your big totals like the total number of Boards you have access to, the number of Cards assigned to you and the number of Organizations you are a member of.

The Organization Stats widget pack gives you an overview of the boards, members and cards for your chosen organization. While the List Stats gives you the number of cards in a list, highlights the top voted cards in a list along with more list insights.

The Board Stats widget pack lets you measure the progress of work done in Trello and as a result enables you to think of efficient ways to get things done. Dig deeper into the cards by the top labels on a board, track work in progress on a board with a funnel list, measure number of cards assigned to specific users, discover the top cards with the maximum number of comments on them and more.

You can can get a quick glance at your important Trello metrics from the the Notification Center on your device’s Today Screen by turning the switch “ON” in the widget configuration screen.

If you are using Trello to manage your tasks or your New Year Resolutions, Numerics is a great companion app to help you keep you on top of your numbers.

If you use a particular service that is not already available in Numerics, get in touch with us, we are welcoming requests to service integrations from diverse fields from our early adopters. You can email us directly or catch us on Twitter with any thoughts or service requests.

Numerics v2.1 is available for free on the App Store, so go ahead and try out the new Trello integration.