Help is just a Tweet away

April 9, 2009

If you're using in your organization and have a support question, you can email, call or post a ticket on the Cynapse Customer Care portal - whichever is easiest for you. The open source community forums are a great place to get detailed solutions to technical issues you face while using the community edition. And If you're evaluating / using and need a super quick solution to a problem, just tweet about it with #cynin or address it to @cynin. A Cynapse team member will surely respond to your query in real time with a solution.

The Cynapse team has been actively using Twitter for a long time where we have conversations with thousands of passionate users across the world. We listen to what users are saying about our product, our company Cynapse and discuss their views on collaboration and Enterprise 2.0 software. Its a huge marketplace out there in Twitter and we listen to the word on the street, are on the look out for spontaneous unsolicited feedback about and sometimes for tips on new business. For the uninitiated users, we use it as a channel to educate them about the all the great technological products that we are inventing and the benefits it brings to their business.


Our goal is to help users wherever possible and to make ourselves available such that our customers talk to the real people who are behind the product and get their problems solved. We at Cynapse use Twitter for some of the following:

  1. Customer support

  2. Open source community support

  3. Offer Tips about using

  4. Engage in conversations with customers and users

  5. Publish company updates

  6. Distribute deals and offers

  7. Get feedback and feature requests

  8. Evangelize Enterprise 2.0 and collaboration technologies

  9. Identify prospects

Everyday we find new ways to help our customers through Twitter … the possibilities intrigue us. Cynapse has 4 employees using Twitter actively, including the CEO and the CTO.

CEO - Apurva Roy Choudhury- @apurvarc

CTO - Dhiraj Gupta - @dhiraj

COO - Viraf Sarkari - @viraf

Business Director - - Romasha Roy Choudhury - @romasha

Follow us on twitter, introduce yourself and interact with us.

We'd love to listen to your ideas, opinions, feedback or simply converse 🙂