Improve lead nurturing and pipeline efficiency with (Part II)

March 22, 2010

We previously mentioned how collaboration software in sales could transform your business when used in prospecting and making the initial contact with customers. Today we'll focus on sales presentations and handling any objections that come your way. We'll show you that if knowledge is power, collaboration software in sales is a knockout punch the majority of the time.

Collaboration Software in Sales Presentations

In our honest opinion, there is no better way to secure new customers than by analyzing what works in existing, similar customers. Whether you currently sell to teachers, astronauts, or skate boarders, commonalities within groups can be used to successfully reach new group members. collaboration software supports the building and usage of existing knowledge to customize your sales presentations when reaching new clients. The end result is a personalized approach to each new prospect that's based on techniques your company has proven works on related clients.

Collaboration Software To Turn Objections into Acceptance

Before collaboration software arrived, providing rebuttals to prospect objections used to require nerves of steel and teflon skin that only the most successful salesmen possessed. Now, your sales team can collectively build a knowledge base that is filled with common objections to your products and services, as well as rebuttals that worked and more importantly, those that don't. Imagine a day when anyone on your sales team (new and seasoned) can make a sale by knowing what to say and when to say it. When used by your sales team, collaboration software can make that day much sooner than you think.

So far we've gone from "prospect" to "object" by showing you how collaboration software in the sales department can transform your business. We'll continue this discussion to show you more ways to increase your sales by empowering your sales team with the knowledge they need to close the deal.