Localscope 4.2 makes local search even faster, easier

April 29, 2014

When we released Localscope 4 for iPhone last December, we made it much easier to get a birds-eye view of everything to see and do around you across Google Places, Foursquare, Flickr, Wikipedia, Apple Reminders, and more, all in one beautiful app. But we knew we could do even better, so today we're back with Localscope 4.2: The Even Better Edition.

We read all your feedback, from every App Store comment to TUAW's review, and got to work. Localscope 4.2 is now much cleaner, with a polished Dashboard and search results that are easier to read and skim through. Images and video thumbnails are now smaller, which emphasizes the place they're from or the person who posted them. We even improved the visibility of the search bar and the Lens Slider, so swiping between services to view their results on a map is much more intuitive.

We also added support for 30 regional apps from Sygic, one of the most popular GPS navigation services in the world. In addition to Sygic's amazing features like projecting a heads-up display on your car's windshield and speed camera warnings, its apps can have Homer Simpson, Mr. Burns, or Snoop Dogg deliver your directions.

From big features to the small details that make all the difference, we hope you'll love Localscope 4.2: The Even Better Edition. To celebrate the release, Localscope is on a 3 day sale and will be available at $1.99 upto 2nd May.

We think it's the best way to type once to find all the places and people around you, so get Localscope in the App Store, let us know what you think, and get in touch on Twitter and Facebook!