Localscope v2.2 brings local news and reviews around you with Fwix

April 2, 2012

Today we are adding a new source to our list of integrated sources - Fwix. Fwix is a service that provides geo tagged news by associating information including news, blogs, reviews on the Internet with a place, thereby delivering results incredibly relevant to a user's location.

Though Fwix is not a household name just yet, we think they are a very promising service and are helping define the future of location-based relevance of content distribution. When we introduced Localscope v2, with integrations with a variety of information sources like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook etc., we set in motion our vision of being a location browser. While crowd sourced pictures, videos and locations give you an idea of your locality and help you discover new points of interest, we think that there are more forms of information that can further empower your local knowledge, so you are in the know about what's happening around you, no matter where you are. Version 2.2 onwards, we are extending to you local information that is otherwise lost amidst general global content.

The Fwix integration adds two new sources in Localscope's Search and Discover modes - Fwix News and Fwix Reviews. You can stay up to date with your local neighborhood breaking news, sports, traffic and weather news from Fwix News, while Fwix Reviews lets you explore professional reviews for restaurants, businesses and places around you.

Improved Google Results - now with star ratings

With v2.2, you will notice some changes in the Google results. Google results in Localscope are now powered by the new Google Places and provide better results along with star ratings aggregated by Google.

2 New Navigation App Integrations

Localscope users love the seamless integration with navigation apps that enables them to get turn by turn directions to a discovered point of interest. With this release we are extending support for 2 more integrations requested by our users - MotionX GPS and Verizon Navigator, totalling to support 14 navigation apps. If your favorite navigation app is not yet supported, drop us an email and we will be happy to explore integrations with them.

Norwegian Language Support

Localscope is a local app. We think, unless the app speaks to users in their primary language, it isn't local enough! So we strive to constantly increase our support for global languages. With v2.2, Norwegian is the latest language support added to Localscope. With this new addition, Localscope is now available in 21 langauges.

Aside of these new changes, v2.2. also fixes a bug with the Save to Contacts feature, where sometimes a wrong country was added to the address and minimum iOS version requirement has now been set to iOS 4.3

The new and updated version of Localscope is now globally available on the Apple AppStore, for US$1.99 (or the equivalent in other currencies). Visit the AppStore to get your copy now.