Localscope v2.5 releases with shiny new app icon and an API

July 12, 2012

Today, we are happy to introduce you to the shiny new Localscope app icon. The new icon is simplified and is so slick that its lickable.

In the past few years, the red location pointer available in various screens of Localscope has been pointing users worldwide to relevant locations around them. The pointer visually connects information on the user's screen to points in the real world enabling them to locate their desired places and has become one of the most symbolic elements of Localscope.

The new app icon is a simplified version of the original Localscope icon that better represents everything Localscope stands for and reflects our continuous focus on simplicty.


Localscope API

Another exciting news with the v2.5 update is the availability of the Localscope API for third party app developers. We believe it is a great opportunity to partner with third party applications and we are eager to integrate their feedback into the API.

Currently the Localscope API is starting off with 2 actions, that applications can use to call Localscope for any location related discovery that their user would like to do:

  • Launch Localscope from a third party application in Search mode with a pre-filled search term

  • Launch Localscope in Discover mode to explore places around a location

The new API comes with support for the popular Launch Center Pro app. Users can easily launch Localscope with pre defined keywords or in discover mode with Launch Center Pro. You can find more detailed information about the API here

The new and updated version of Localscope is now globally available on the Apple AppStore. Visit the AppStore to get your copy now!