Localscope v3.5.1 updates integration with Google Maps v2.0

August 16, 2013

We have released a quick version update to Localscope, v3.5.1 that fixes the integration with the new version of Google Maps v2.0

Earlier this month, Google released a new and updated v2.0 of their Google Maps app. Due to some changes done at their end in the integration API, launching Google Maps to navigate to a location discovered in Localscope was not working as expected.

With this update, we have updated our integration with the Google Maps app. Now, when you discover a location and want to navigate to it using Google Maps, Localscope will pop open the Google Maps app directly on the route screen with the destination and your current location entered and the route options for you to directly navigate to it.

The new version is now available on the App Store worldwide, update your app to start navigate using Google Maps!