Lower barriers to Open Source Adoption with Support

July 9, 2008

328 information technology and business executives & managers took a survey conducted by CIO.com about adoption of open source technologies in their companies. More than half the respondents; 53% said that they are already using open source applications in their organizations, today.

45% revealed that the primary reason to not use open-source software at their company has been due to Product support concerns!Awareness or knowledge that an open-source application that solves their requirement exists is lacking according to 29%. While 26% have security concerns and 22% lack support by management.About a quarter of corporations 27% have a formal policy in place regarding open-source applications, though 18% expect to adopt such a policy in the next 12 monthsAlthough they have full control over the code, enterprises clearly want assurance that someone will answer tech support calls. Companies offering open source need to convince their enterprise prospects that their software is backed by extensive support. Support could be offered in various ways via mail, forums, phone, online support ticketing systems or even IM.Companies need to create special pages on their website informing prospects about the various support offerings, increase awareness of the benefits of the application and the problems it solves. This will greatly help the enterprises to adopt high-value yet freely available open source technologies.

Greatest Barriers to Open-Source Software Adoption at Your Company?

Source: CIO.com survey of 328 IT and business executives and managers, April 2008.


Product support concerns


Awareness/knowledge of available solutions


Security concerns


Lack of support by management


Licensing or legal concerns


Investment in architecture from other vendor(s)


Software quality issues


Customization concerns


Not relevant to our product or service


Pressure on open-source providers by commercial vendors


Software cost allocation policies




Mass adoption of open source technologies in the Enterprises, will be a great success for the community. The requirements of the enterprises and businesses is very clear from the survey results. It is now the responsibility of the open source software providers to spread the revolution by providing reliable support and increasing awareness.