Make dashboards from your Django projects with Numerics

May 26, 2015

Numerics lets business users easily connect with their real and valuable data stored in systems they depend upon, on a daily basis. Our goal with Numerics is to make its users always aware of KPIs or metrics that matter the most to them by aggregating these numbers from diverse apps and services and presenting them in a unified fashion.

It is delightful for us to see our fans contributing towards this goal. Huseyin Yilmaz a Numerics user and a Django enthusiast has recently implemented a Django app to easily connect data from Django apps to Numerics.

So if you have a project in Django and are having to check the status by opening the web page multiple times, this integration will be useful for you. Huseyin’s integration provides an easy interface to create endpoints for the Numerics Custom JSON widgets. It also provides an interface with a list of all the endpoints that the user has access to. Huseyin has done some great work on the documentation, too. With a few lines of code added to your Django project you can have important metrics from your Django app on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and now Apple Watch.

Currently, Huseyin has implemented the integration for the Label and Number widget types. You can request for more integrations on his GitHub page here -

You can download the source code for the integration here -

and access the detailed documentation here -

Here are some of the screenshots of Huseyin’s Django-Numerics in action.

We’d like to thank Huseyin for this integration, its great to see such adoption of Numerics in the open source world. We are excited to see what developers can build with Numerics. If you are a developer and are working on something with Numerics, please reach out us and we'd be happy to connect.