New Update: Localscope 1.2 – Extending the Power of Choice to iOS users with TomTom and Facebook App Integration

February 22, 2011

We've been thrilled with the response that Localscope has been getting from iOS users across the world, since its release. From being recommended as one of the apps that brings a difference in the App Store trends, to the Ultimate Find & Drive combo, Localscope has been getting appraisals from experts and users alike.

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We've learnt a lot from our customer's suggestions and feature requests, and are committed to implementing these as features in Localscope.

One such feature request is being made available immediately with the latest version update of Localscope. With this new update, Localscope integrates with the leading provider of location and navigation solutions - TomTom - enabling users to get turn-by-turn voice directions to the destinations they discover using Localscope.

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Localscope users love its simplicity and the ability to find new locations in their area or any new place they visit. With this new integration, we extend the power of choice to our users - not only can they decide the search engines they want to use to discover new places but also choose their favorite navigation app to get them there.


Users can launch TomTom from inside Localscope in two ways:

  • Tapping the "Open Map" button from the detail view of a destination

  • Swipe a destination in the search results list, tap on the "Open Map" icon

Both these actions, slide up the options to start navigation to a destination using either TomTom or the Maps App or Navigon MobileNavigator. Tap on your favorite navigation application to immediately initiate a turn-by-turn voice based (except Maps app) navigation to your place of interest.

{{< float-image "/img/blog/facebook-logo.jpeg" "float-right" >}}Besides the integration with TomTom, we've enabled seamless sharing with the Facebook App for the iPhone. Being one of the first integrations of its type, it allows users to directly share locations from Localscope via the Facebook app on their device, without having to log in every time. You only need to authenticate the first time you are posting on Facebook with Localscope. Then you can edit the status update that you are wanting to post. Localscope already integrates with the Twitter app for the iOS devices. The link of the location is automatically shortened in your message for both Facebook and Twitter.

Check out a Localscope video review screencast by @CrazyMikeApps:

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The new and updated version of Localscope is now globally available on the Apple AppStore, for US$1.99 (or the equivalent in other currencies). Visit the AppStore to get your copy now.

If you like Localscope, don't forget to rate and review it in the AppStore.

While we’re working on bigger ideas and releases for Localscope, the next update is already in the pipeline. Since there’s still some time until the big release, so we can’t reveal any specific details, yet. Rest assured though, we will continue to add new features you will all love. Stay subscribed on our Facebook page to be in the know.