New Update: Localscope v1.7 – Improves discovery of places with tighter Foursquare integrations, an in-app browser and more

August 30, 2011

Millions of people use Foursquare every day to share their newly found locations, work place venue and more with their friends via checkins. The Foursquare search source in Localscope is a great way for users to discover new places and information about a location from the crowd sourced data. The information discovered via Foursquare is often unique while at times it solidifies your findings in the other sources. The newest update of Localscope, enriches the Foursquare source, to make discovery of locations even better.

Localscope now seamlessly integrates with the new APIv2 of the popular social network Foursquare. The new API enables us to present users with richer location results while searching in the Foursquare source in Localscope. Foursquare locations now come with phone numbers for locations - swipe any result from the list to quickly call the place or add them to your Address Book from the detail view.

In addition, Localscope now integrates with the Foursquare app for the iPhone. Users can quickly switch from the details of a location in Localscope to the details in the Foursquare app. Once in the Foursquare app, users can get access to insider information about a location from their network of friends or the Foursquare community - check out tips, recommendations, mayorships and deals at the location or simply check-in to the venue.

Another new feature is the in-app browser. This has been a highly requested feature by our users and it truly is a great way to explore detailed information from the web about a search location found in Localscope without the hassle of switching between Safari and Localscope. The new version of Localscope implements this with the ‘View more details’ button in the detail view of any search result from any of the search sources. Tapping the button launches the in-app browser with the web view for a result displaying details like reviews, photos and more.

Localscope is designed to be a global app. For the world that speaks local languages, we are enabling support for 6 new languages in Localscope including - Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Greek, Russian and Swedish. With the new additions to the localizations, Localscope now totals to supporting 14 major languages covering the Americas and major parts of Europe and Asia. We are working on including more languages in future releases, if you would like to use Localscope in your language, drop us a note.

Visit the AppStore to get your update now. If you don’t use Localscope yet, it is globally available on the Apple AppStore, for US$1.99 (or the equivalent in other currencies).

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