Numerics 6.5 - Empowering IT Pros with Jamf School & Jamf Pro dashboards

July 29, 2020

The modern classroom relies heavily on technological advancements to make education fun, easy & always accessible. IT Admins who magically stitch together the different components that constitute the modern schooling system; also need the best technology at their disposal.

Apple devices & Jamf School device management together are the gold standard for IT Pros managing schools. With the integration of Jamf School, Numerics in its v6.5 extends it’s superior dashboards to school admins, offering immersive KPI tracking capabilities.

Jamf teams have been supportive & collaborative in bringing the Jamf School integration to life on Numerics; bringing us one step closer to achieving full platform coverage. IT Pros using the Jamf platform now have a powerful companion app for Jamf School & Jamf Pro; making data mobile, realtime & always available without logging into Jamf.

With 26 Jamf School widget templates pre-designed in Numerics, school admins can create rich dashboards telling a compelling story of the school’s device infrastructure. KPI widget packs for Device Stats, Class Stats, App License Stats & iBeacon Stats, make dashboard designing a cake walk.

The school’s device inventory can be visualized as a pie, distributed by the enrolment type, model, device type or even OS. Absolute counts of devices in a school, a device group, a user group or a location displayed in bold number visualizations become easy to consume on the go. The Device Stats widget pack encapsulates all this and much more with managed device metrics.

Admins can now see the number of students, teachers or devices in a specific classroom with the Class Stats widget pack. A pie with clear distribution of device models, types, OS and enrolment for each class on campus now becomes a reality with Jamf School on Numerics.

Schools can always read realtime app license usage & availability with the gauge visualizations in the App License Stats widget pack. In v6.5, Numerics also lets you build dashboards for devices that check in with iBeacons at school.

With trackable & realtime data for devices, classes, apps and iBeacons; Numerics is an exceptional companion app for IT Admins managing Apple devices through Jamf School.

v6.5 also fixes an issue with the Twitch integration and allows for user selection while configuring widgets. We hope you enjoy using the new version. Please feel free to reach out with your thoughts, we love hearing from our users.