Numerics 8 - Identify Patterns and Trends with the New Multi-Column Layout

December 19, 2023

Numerics has changed the way dashboards are designed with its unique auto-flow layout that automatically produces beautiful dashboards for diverse device form factors. With Numerics 8 we are taking a step further in re-imagining how you consume your metrics.

Introducing the New Multi-Column mode.

Numerics 8 offers a unique multi-column view that lays out your entire portfolio of dashboards into individual interactive columns, letting you glance through all your metrics with simple up, down, left and right gestures. All dashboards created by you or shared with you are available side-by-side, creating a space for you and your team to discuss and decide your business strategy. Dashboard columns automatically flow to fit the form factor of your device. Using swipe gestures or the left/right arrow keys, you can quickly jump to the dashboard column you are interested in. The interactive dashboard columns scroll vertically enabling you to compare related metrics from multiple dashboards at a glance. You no longer need to shuffle between dashboards to get a comparative perspective of different aspects of your business.

You can drag columns to arrange dashboards as per your priority. Metrics can be ordered in a single column to ensure you always have your most important KPI upfront. Metrics in the multi-column layout are centered while columns extend vertically in a balanced manner, ensuring dashboards with minimal metrics look great on every device.

When you want to focus on a single dashboard, the new switcher allows you to go to the classic Auto-Flow layout, giving you a full-screen view of your dashboard on the Mac and iPad.

On the iPhone, Numerics continues to have a single-column view, now powered by the re-engineered interface with perfectly centered metrics and packed with animations, haptics and blurs.

New visualizations.

v8 introduces re-designed stylish new line charts and donut charts. v8 also introduces a new horizontal stacked bar graph as an alternative visualization for the donut chart. This is exclusively available for the medium-sized widgets on your desktop or iPhone / iPad home screens. We plan to gradually bring this variation to the in-app visualization in future versions of Numerics.

Deeper integration with your devices.

We continue to push the capabilities of deep Apple integration by leveraging new APIs to enable richer experiences across all devices. With v8, we have re-designed the Shortcuts app integration. In Shortcuts app, you can choose to fetch a metric from Numerics and pass the data to other apps. Numerics exposes many parameters for a metric so you can extract either the metric value or the last changed time and even more.

Other power-ups in Numerics 8 include:

  • Add metrics directly on your Mac desktop using desktop widgets.

  • Instant access to metrics on your iPad lock screens.

  • Open on Login for instant access on your Mac.

4 New integrations + Updates to some.

We are further expanding our set of integrated business tools. Numerics 8 introduces 5 new integrations including Budibase,, New Relic, Distech - Eclypse and Fathom Analytics.

v8 also adds new metrics for ActiveCampaign, Statistics Canada and OnePageCRM and includes improvements to existing integrations including Pipedrive, ClickUp, PipelineCRM and others.

We hope you enjoy using the new version. Please feel free to reach out with your thoughts, we love hearing from our users.

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