Numerics v4.5 – Updated Integrations, Improvements and Bug Fixes

April 24, 2017

We’ve just released Numerics v4.5 on the App Store with key updates to some of the integrated services along with various improvements and bug fixes. Here are all the details:

Updated Integrations


With Flurry’s move to a new platform and API, the Flurry integration in Numerics has been updated to support the new API and its features. The updated integration now has over 100 widgets in Numerics divided among 3 widget packs.

The Hourly App Stats widget pack gives you the ability to track how your app may be impacted by app updates or enhancements every hour. The widgets give you metrics to track active devices and sessions of your apps. The App Events Stats widget pack lets you track specific in-app actions your users might perform while using the app and the App Usage Stats widget pack lets you monitor usage patterns of your app’s users. The Hourly App Stats widget pack is available with the purchase of Numerics while the remaining two widget packs are available as in-app purchases. Users who have purchased Flurry widget packs earlier will automatically have full access to these new widget packs.

Additionally, Flurry has a new authentication mechanism that requires you to use a Programmatic User Token. As a result, all Flurry widgets and accounts previously connected with Numerics will be removed with the upgrade. Please re-add your Flurry account in Numerics by adding your Programmatic User Token in the connect account screen to start using the widgets. This token can be generated in the Admin Section in the Flurry interface.


{{< float-image "/img/numerics-service-integrations/Intercom.png" "float-right" >}}

A change in Intercom’s authentication process requires you to re-connect your Intercom accounts in Numerics. A specially designed migration wizard on launch of the app will help you with re-connecting your Intercom accounts and associating them with the existing widgets, if any.


{{< float-image "/img/numerics-service-integrations/basecamp.png" "float-right" >}}

Basecamp released Basecamp 3 with a completely different API from Basecamp 2. Since most our users have upgraded their Basecamp to the new Basecamp 3, with Numerics v4.5, we have decided to update our integration to Basecamp 3. Support for Basecamp 2 has been removed.


{{< float-image "/img/numerics-service-integrations/MailChimp.png" "float-right" >}}

Numerics 4.5 adds support for the new MailChimp v3 API. This upgrade automatically works with your existing accounts, but some widgets not supported by the new API have been removed.


{{< float-image "/img/numerics-service-integrations/WooCommerce.png" "float-right" >}}

WooCommerce released a new version of their platform and their API. Numerics v4.5 adds support for the latest version. This means if you will have to upgrade your eCommerce store to the latest WooCommerce 3.x to continue tracking your sales stats and product stats in Numerics.

Improvements and Fixes:

A recent change in the Facebook API was not allowing Numerics users to connect their Facebook accounts to Numerics. This has been fixed with Numerics v4.5.

The Text / Label widgets in Numerics had a bug due to which they would not show up on the Apple Watch app, Apple Watch complication and the Today widgets. This too has been fixed in the new update.

We hope this update improves your experience of using Numerics and would appreciate to your hear your thoughts. A big thank you to all our users who have reported and helped us resolve these issues.

Head over to the App Store to get your update now!