Phlo 3 is coming, buy now to get free sync for life!

February 11, 2014

We are really excited about a huge change coming to Phlo, our “type once, search everywhere” app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Phlo is the best way to instantly search a ton of resources including Google, IMDB, Twitter, Wikipedia, news, or any other sites you can add yourself, but we want it to be the defacto search app that everyone uses. That’s why, when Phlo 3 arrives next week, we’re changing its price to free.

Phlo for iOS

We want to help the world search

When we set Phlo 3 free next week, everyone can search everywhere from one single app. To make sure we can keep making Phlo even better, our Phlo Sync service will become a yearly purchase for just $1.99.

Phlo Sync keeps all your search history and services — including the ones you add yourself — in sync between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Our Phlo Assistant browser extension is a great way to add new services right from Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. You search for things day in and day out, and Phlo Sync is the best way to keep them all with you on every device.

Existing customers get Phlo Sync free for life

To give something back to our great customers who have been with us this entire way, we’re offering a lifetime Phlo Sync membership. All you need to do is have purchased Phlo before version 3 arrives next week and signed up in-app for our sync service, which is currently free. Hint: tap the hamburger menu in the upper right, tap the (i) button, then tap the Phlo Sync sign-up option.

That’s right: if you already own Phlo or buy it within the next week, you get Phlo Sync for life. It’s our gift to existing customers who helped us get this far. Thank you.

We truly believe the upcoming Phlo 3 can help everyone type once to search everywhere. Tell your friends about the new version and our gift to existing customers, and let us know what you think!