Phlo for iOS and Mac: Type Once, Search Everywhere

September 7, 2013

Phlo for iOS is here! It’s your one app for every search. No matter what you’re looking for, just launch Phlo, type in your search once, and see the results from every search provider you can dream of instantly and effortlessly. If you can’t find it on Google, maybe you’ll find it on Amazon or eBay. Just tap another service in the menu and see new results. It’s the ideal way to search on a mobile device.

We’re also launching Phlo for Mac 2.0, which will now sync with the iOS version. Your search history and saved sites will always be available on all your devices through the free Phlo Sync service. Phlo for Mac can now suggest searches from your history, as well as from Google and Bing’s auto-suggestions, making search on your Mac even faster and easier.

Phlo builds on a core idea of ours we’ve been developing since we launched Localscope for location searches: especially in the mobile world, it often makes sense to separate interfaces from services. When you need to find an answer, you shouldn’t be slowed down by the question of where to look for it. With Phlo, you always know where to start your search.

Phlo comes packed with over 30 popular search engines and sites, and you can easily add more in the app or while you browse, using the Phlo Assistant browser extension. Phlo is sure to save you time and effort in one of the activities we love most about the web: searching for answers.

For more info about what Phlo can do, check out the product page. Download Phlo today. We hope you enjoy it.

Phlo for iOS is $2.99 on the App Store. Phlo for Mac is $3.99 on the Mac App Store. Install Phlo Assistant for Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.