Quick Update: Phlo v3.2 now live

January 23, 2017

A new version of Phlo for iOS and Phlo for Mac is now globally available on the respective App Stores. v3.2 comes with an upgraded backend infrastructure for Phlo Sync. In the new version we’ve added support for iPad Pro and also updated Phlo for iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. The Phlo Assistants for Safari and Chrome have been updated too. Read on to know more about the update.

Phlo Sync

The Phlo Sync service helps you synchronize all your search engines and search history across all your devices. It also lets you add search services more easily using our free Phlo Assistant browser plugins for Safari and Chrome.With the new version of Phlo, we are upgrading the backend infrastructure for Phlo Sync. The change is set to happen on the 28th January 2017. To continue using Phlo Sync reliably, we recommend you to update your version of Phlo on iOS or Mac to the latest version 3.2 and login to your Phlo Sync account.

iPad Pro Support

We are happy to release Phlo for iOS v3.2 especially designed to support the larger screen size of the iPad Pro. With native support for iPad Pro, Phlo is no longer zoomed in and is now able to display more search results on the bigger screen device.

Updated for iOS 10 and macOS Sierra

Phlo for iOS v3.2 has been updated for iOS 10 and Phlo for Mac v3.2 is now fully compatible with macOS Sierra. Apart from the usual compatibility issues many other bugs have been fixed. Phlo will feel right at home on Apple’s new operating systems.

Phlo Assistant

The Phlo Assistant browser extension is the easiest way to add more search engines and sites to your Phlo via Phlo Sync. We’ve updated the Phlo Assistants for Safari and Chrome to work well with the latest versions of the browsers. Phlo Assistant for Chrome is available on the Chrome Store while the Phlo Assistant for Safari can be downloaded from here.

v3.2 update is free for all Phlo users, just open up the App Store and get the latest updates.