Rock the vote! Nominate for the Community Choice Awards

May 24, 2009

SourceForge has announced their 4th Annual Community Choice Awards and we need your help to nominate Community Choice Awards is the largest global award celebrating great open source projects that are built with the highest quality, creativity and ingenuity. And YOU, the community, gets to choose which software gets nominated for the final awards - Power to the people!

If you have been using / evaluating or have just landed on this page and really like what you see, please take a few moments and vote for us.

You can nominate in any or all of the categories below:

  1. Best Commercial Open Source Project

  2. Best Project for the Enterprise

  3. Best New Project

  4. Best Project

  5. Most Likely to Change the Way You Do Everything

  6. Best Visual Design {also known as the “Swimsuit Competition” for the open source project with the best user interface}


Voting is simple, just click on the Nominate link above and select the categories you would like to nominate for and make your voice heard!

And don't forget to ask your friends to nominate as well. Get the word out using your social networks, twitter, email, sms, phone, anything that is your favorite way to communicate with them and encourage them to cast their vote.

Nominations close on May 29th and finalists will be announced on the June 22nd.