Shorten sales cycle times and increase conversions by using

March 29, 2010

No matter what product or services your company offers, sales are the driving force behind any business - large or small. That's why empowering your sales staff with the most information possible is the key to taking your business from ordinary to extraordinary.

We previously showed how collaboration software in sales can:

  • help you identify the right prospective customers

  • help your sales team provide timely, accurate response to customers

  • help you create customized sales presentations based on current client data

  • help you turn customer objections into customer acceptance.

Today we'll focus on elevating your success by closing the sale and instituting the proper follow ups with your clients using collaboration software.

Closing The Sale with Collaboration Software

Gauging what turns the green light on for your potential clients is key in swiftly closing the deal. Collaboration software will assist in the information gathering for each client and the history of communications your sales team has. It will also allow everyone involved in closing the deal (and providing the customer with services later) to instantly get up to speed on the potential client's goals, needs, and concerns. Collaboration software adds that personal touch every clients desires.

Instituting the Proper Follow-Ups with Collaboration Software

In addition to learning about new products and services that relate to them specifically, customers also want to know that you listen to their concerns and address them appropriately and timely. Collaboration software in sales allows you to mold each contact you have with a client to their specific needs. From products, services, and suggestions to specific color preferences and re-addressing concerns, using collaboration software will allow you to make each client communication move your company in the right direction. The amount of data your sales team can collect when using collaboration software can be breath-taking at times. Every aspect of the sales process can be captured, studied, and improved upon. The end result is your company reaching new heights in customer communication, sales produced, and customer satisfaction.