Thank You So Much for Making Localscope the App Of The Week in Australia and New Zealand!

March 18, 2011

The past two weeks have been nothing shy of amazing for us over here at Cynapse. We’re incredibly excited about the reception Localscope has received in the App Store, and the news just keeps getting better. Localscope is now the “App Of The Week” in Australia and New Zealand, and it’s in the “New And Noteworthy” category in 40 different countries.

As you can imagine, it’s been pretty busy over here. We just want to pause, take a deep breath, and thank you all for your enthusiastic support. We’re thrilled that so many of you are as excited as we are about the possibilities Localscope brings to the table. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be here announcing this news. You make it all possible.

Here are some of the heartwarming things you have been saying about Localscope:

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The positive reviews have been flowing in, both from down under and other corners of the globe. We want to thank Caleb MacGregor from for writing about using Localscope to find a coffee (and other things) nearby. He says the app “trumps all others in its class.” Ellis Hamburger from Business Insider loves the ability to visualize tweets and Foursquare checkins (we do too), and Derek Walter from TheAppPlanet says Localscope is “an excellent companion for going out, especially if visiting an unfamiliar city.” Thanks again for your reviews and your support.

We’re headlong into developing the next release of Localscope, and it’s going to have more of the features you love. We’re currently working on the following:

  • More navigation app integrations We know you love to use Localscope with TomTom and Navigon MobileNavigator, so we’re fast at work getting Localscope to work with other apps.

  • Local language support Localscope will soon recognize the dominant language in your area and structure its searches with it.

Stay tuned on our Facebook fan page to learn more about new features and future updates.

And if you haven’t used Localscope yet, we think you’re going to love it. Here is a video review to get a quick idea of its functionality:

Head on over to the App Store to check it out. We’re in the Navigation, On the Grid, New and Noteworthy, and College Bound sections.