Update #1

December 6, 2006

Our first update has been released!

Date: I bet some of you noticed that we're now showing the date and authors on the note Info bar now - this gives you succinct information about when the note was last updated and who the authors of the note are. You can now go ahead and brag about your new cool looking cyn.in bliki to all your friends. 🙂

Multiple authors: When a note has more than one author, we show the first names of as many authors we can on the Infobar. Of course, the full names of the authors can be seen by clicking on the Show Info link on the right.

Bugfixes & Enhancements: Under the hood there have been several enhancements and fixes. This includes better error reporting, enhanced single note view (click on the title of a note to see the note in it's full glory), and numerous other small fixes to solve problems that would have manifested themselves over time.

How do you upgrade?

If you're a site owner, all you have to do to upgrade is……. nothing! Your site has been upgraded automatically as part of this cyn.in maintenance release. Upgrades are automatically provisioned to all sites as soon as they are ready. You don't have to do anything - no installations, no configurations, no worries - your site has been automatically updated to the latest release without you lifting a finger. Now is that cool or what? 🙂