Update #3

February 19, 2007

The Cynapse office has been abuzz with action for the past couple of days. The dev team has been working hard to meet the timelines to release the new Updates for cyn.in. The changes have finally been implemented and I am very excited to present the new updates to you.

But before that, a big applause for our cyn.in dev team who build at supersonic speeds marked by meticulous precision and deliver to meet extreme timelines. I bet NASA would do anything to get them on their side!

Update #3 includes a few bug fixes and some really interesting feature enhancements that are focused to improve usability. The web space of cyn.in have been modified to increase SEO optimization of the the content. The search engines will find reading content from the cyn.in sites much easier than before.

Introducing the Page Slider

Have you been on Page 2 of your notes list, clicked on the back button of your browser and not been able to go back to Page 1? Have you often felt the need of the Page Slider to be at the bottom of the notes list? Well, your wishes just came true.


cyn.in introduces an innovative Page Slider with two way usability. So you can now directly jump to the page you wish to see or simply browse through the pages.

The dropdown on the slider smoothly rolls out a sleek bar with the list of the pages. Simply click on the page number you want to browse to and access the notes on that page. The paging also gives you the advantage to bookmark a page and navigate to it directly.


This new slider aims to reduce your time to browse through your notes and work more efficiently. The Slider is now also placed at the bottom of the pages. This enhances your browsing experience as well as increases efficiency.

Selective Comment Deletion

The site owner has the rights to delete all comments on a note in cyn.in. This didn't work out to be as functional as there are times, when you want to keep a few comments and do away with the rest.


With the new enhancements, the owners of a site can choose the comments they want to delete. Comments once deleted cannot be got back again. The option to delete all comments is still available.

Better Attachment Layout

The boring two attachment in a row layout has now been replaced to adjust to your screen resolution. Higher the resolution of your screen, more number of attachments will fit in a row.


This will help reduce the length of the page again enhancing your usage experience. No more long pages to scroll through

Feature Requests and Feedback

We would love to hear what you think of the recent updates. We use cyn.in internally for our knowledge and project management requirements and increasing the speed of operation and usability is a task close to all of our hearts and we strive to achieve it.

We are always open to feeback and feature requests. So go ahead, try out your updated cyn.in site and tell us what you like/dislike. Post your comments right here or in the support forums.

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