Using collaboration software to increase the sales funnel

March 9, 2010

Collaboration software for the Sales Department allows management, your sales team and individual reps to move forward at an alarming pace. Today we show you how to transform your profit margin with key uses of collaboration software in the sales department.

Image taken from the article "Should we Re-Think the Lead Generation Funnel" from Extanz - Social Media Marketing & PR 2.0

Collaboration Software in Prospecting Customers

Finding qualified customers is essential to the success of any business. As a business owner, manager, or employee collaboration software can easily assist you in recognizing potential customers by identifying the attributes of your most responsive existing customers. The end result is the ability for you to prepare for the sale by determining which products and services suit your contact best and avoid customers whose potential for rejection is high. You'll save valuable time and money by using collaboration software when prospecting customers.

Provide consistent customer experience during pre-sales

The initial contact customers use to reach your business may come in a variety of forms - over the phone, via the web, or in your store to name a few. No matter how customers reach you, your sales team must be prepared to respond accordingly. Collaboration Software for sales ensures your sales team that the information they provide to new contacts is both up to date and timely in its delivery. New customers want to know that your company is responsive and are often turned off by waiting for management's approval when it comes to their interests. Avoid delay by supplying your sales team with the tools they need to close the deal.

Connect with the right leads

The sheer amount of noise most customers wade through on a daily basis makes the "cold call" akin to Mission Impossible. Collaboration software in sales allows you to identify "warm" prospects before the initial contact. Warm prospects are ready to close the deal before you ever make contact, and most are waiting for a company just like yours to call. Collaboration software in sales allows you to look at your current customers to identify who your future customers should be.

Casting a wider net with communities

Sales 2.0 technologies are effectively being used by organizations to build brands over a wider reach. Companies use these technologies to build huge marketing machines in a much gentler and more precise manner through content. Customers can read relevant content wherever they may be, making communities an important channel to garner new business.

We'll continue this discussion to show you more ways of how the use of collaboration software in the sales department will drive more sales to your business.