Vote for your centralized 24/7 Read/Write Intranet

February 5, 2007

One of my favorite bloggers, Rod Boothby of Innovation Creators has posted a very interesting post accompanied with an active poll, on how companies should start implementing a Read/Write Intranet to increase efficiency. I am sure all the professionals and companies using would concur.

The same could be said about Cynapse. Before we built, we tried using various Intranet services and software, delivered by big and small companies each one with their humungous learning curve. Ideally those systems should have increased the collaborative productivity and help us manage our knowledge better. In reality, we invested a lot of time and resources in the implementation and understanding the usage of these systems. But none of them satisfied our requirements and made us wonder: “We are a technology company, if we are finding it difficult to find an easy to use system to store, manage, collaborate on our knowledge, what do companies with no technology expertise do”

Needless to say, we are now using the Bliki for our Intranet and have completely got riddance from the pre-defined structure of folders and categories used in legacy environments. has increased our productivity many folds by enabling us to have a centralized 24/7 web based access to all our business knowledge. The self explanatory, de-jargonized and 100% WYSIWYG use interface reduces the average learning curve to less than 3 hours. combines the benefits of a blog and a wiki surpassing version management, collaboration, creation and sharing of data and much more.

Check out Rod's post on Read/Write Intranet and do cast your precious vote for