What businesses benefit by using cyn.in

November 27, 2006

Almost any company or enterprise that adopts cyn.in will draw all the benefits of cyn.in and gain from the Software as a Service strategy. Often, we are asked to define the direct target vertical segment of cyn.in and invariably I find it difficult to point my finger on one. For one simple reason, cyn.in is targeted to the horizontal segment of collaborative enterprise information management.

So following are few characteristics of the knowledge businesses; cyn.in is targeted towards and would benefit the most.

Companies with many teams; especially geographically separated

In a knowledge intensive organization, knowledge workers in a team share and work in a collaborative manner. If the teams are extended geographically, member interaction becomes more complex with the lack of proper collaboration tools. This reduces effective performance of teams and results in losses to the company. But at the same time, moving an entire extended enterprise to a new collaboration solution is intimidating.

cyn.in is a service based software delivered over the Internet. The SaaS approach, gives the enterprise the option to migrate only selected teams to cyn.in.

Since all your information is stored in a central location, on the Internet, team members can access and work on the same document or file from anywhere. All you need is an active Internet connection and a browser!

cyn.in helps you to create a consistent business environment for your teams over the internet.

Fast moving organizations

In fast moving entrepreneurial companies, speed and flexibility are key characteristics. Opportunities have to be reacted to quickly. Customersatisfaction is of prime importance and at the same time processes have to be defined and implemented. In such a charged environment, the company cannot afford to spend the time and resources to develop new processes or technology. They have to constantly increase their capabilites.

cyn.in helps reduce the response time of the employees of such an organization. cyn.in’s SaaS model gives you the power to perform and not worry about the technology or infrastructure. Any number of new employees can be quickly integrated into the company’s process by simply moving them onto your cyn.in.


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In the startup phase of a company, research is imperative. The knowledge gained has to be disseminated throughout the organization and a large amount of exchange of information takes place. This knowledge is critical since it will play an active role in deciding the company’s strategy. Even small amounts of unshared or non-harnessed information might turn out to be a significant risk to the early stage company.cyn.in helps start-ups create, manage, share and publish knowledge with ease and in an affordable secure manner. cyn.in being a SaaS based solution gives a start-up an opportunity to first understand the software and measure it’s long term value at very low costs. The large technology investments are also waived off as the software is hosted with cyn.in.cyn.in is great for Information collaboration & management for Enterprises and the SaaS model just adds the cherry on the cake. Simply erfect!You can now use the free Professional Edition of cyn.in and experience the power of cyn.in delivered as a Service.