What do you get if you cross a blog with a wiki?

November 10, 2006

Mark Gibbs, noted expert in the area of systems architecture and design, co-founder of Netratings Inc., presents a step-by-step approach to explaining cyn.in on Network World.

Though he finds the term “bliki” one of the annoying acronyms of the year, he is surely recommending cyn.in. Here's an excerpt:”…I suspect that cyn.in would be a great organizing mechanism for projects that are somewhat freeform in terms of content. I recommend checking out cyn.in – it could make collaborative group work much better.”cyn.in is our step to deliver our technology that has finally matured, to a global spectrum of audiences. cyn.in gives the Enterprise the combined advantages of both, a blog and a wiki powered by Selective Open-ness, content Ownership and most importantly Measurability.Thanks for the exclusive coverage, Mark!