Why choose Cyn.in (or Plone) over Sharepoint

September 15, 2009

Plone, the Open Source Content Management System that is the fundament of Cyn.in, has been compared with Microsoft Sharepoint multiple times. An interesting comparison has been published recently by Franscesco Ciriaci, owner at Reflab and a Plone Evangelist, based on the compatibility of Plone and Sharepoint with different platforms and browsers.

Check out the Plone vs. Sharepoint 2007 comparison here:


This makes Cyn.in is leaps and bounds ahead of Sharepoint in terms of enterprise collaboration, because Cyn.in starts where Plone stops. While Plone is a generic web application platform, Cyn.in delivers an integrated, out-of-the-box collaboration suite for the Enterprises that has all the benefits of Plone and enables free form communication and collaboration with a strong focus on enterprise information security needs.