Jan 17, 2014

Today Widgets



1. Today widgets: Users can choose any widget in numerics to show up on the today screen and based on the type of widget / content the app uniquely picks up the most relevant value and puts it up on the Numerics today extension. Users now have a choice of 1000’s of numbers that they can pull from 25 of the most popular business services globally and have at their fingertips on the today screen!

2. Landscape mode for all iPhones

3. Unique Landscape mode for the iPhone 6 plus: Numerics on the iPhone 6 Plus gets a completely unique landscape interface across the app. The main dashboard in the landscape view provides a compact layout with 3 columns of widgets. The edit views and inner interfaces resemble the iPad experience when on Landscape in the 6Plus.

4. Touch ID and Device Passcode based lockout: Numerics now can optionally be locked out using Touch ID on supported devices and using device passcode on non Touch ID devices.

5. New services integrated: MailChimp and Instagram

6. Framework enhancements with major performance improvements and reduction in load times.