Apr 14, 2015

Numerics for Apple Watch



Presenting key business performance indicators on wearables has been a part of our plan since Numerics was conceptualized. A wearable smartwatch is the perfect extension to Numerics. The quick micro interactions with the watch are perfect for consumption of the bite sized information presented by Numerics. And for a lot of practical, day to day use cases, the quick accessibility and availability of your KPIs on your wrist could make all the difference between knowing them at a critical time or ignoring them completely.

Introducing Numerics for the Apple Watch

  • Brand new personal experience specially designed for the Apple Watch

  • Select metrics from the Numerics iPhone app to be shown on your watch

  • Scroll through your numbers using the digital crown

  • Get notifications about changes in your important business metrics on your wrist

  • Watch your Numerics notifications turn into rich widgets just by lifting your wrist to look at them. 

  • Choose your most important widget to be available as a Glance, then, just swipe up from the watch face to stay on top of the number you seek out the most. 

  • Start with looking at a number on the Apple Watch, then continue on your iPhone with a swipe from the lock screen to zoom into the data.

We’d love to hear your feedback about the new version. If you have any suggestions or feature requests, please get in touch with us via the in-app support or tweet @cynapse