Oct 1, 2015

iOS 9 and watchOS 2 Optimizations



Numerics v4.1 is optimized for iOS 9 and watchOS 2

Updates for Numerics for iPhone and iPad:

  • Full Multi Tasking support - Uniquely tuned dashboard views for each of the Split View and Slide Over modes.

  • Spotlight search integration - Search for any widget by name to get a quick preview of the value of the widget right in the device search screen. Tap on the result to jump directly into the full widget view.

  • Revamped typography across the entire app to use the beautiful new San Francisco font and the new font APIs for crisper dashboards across all screen sizes.

  • Numerous framework improvements and fixes.

Updates for Numerics for Apple Watch:

  • Re-designed from ground up for watchOS 2.0.

  • Introducing complications for Modular, Utility & Mickey Mouse watch faces.

  • Multicolor complication support - the widget color set by you in Numerics reflects in the title of its complication.

  • Numerics ensures widget data is always up-to-date, making widget change notifications more reliable and near real-time.