Jul 28, 2016

Google Big Query, HelpScout, Pinterest & More



New Service Integrations

  • Google Big Query - Gain insights from massively large datasets hosted with Google Big Query in Numerics.

  • Amazon API Gateway - Track metrics from any business software hosted on Amazon AWS by creating an API with Amazon API Gateway.

  • DreamFactory - Visualize numbers from any SQL/NoSQL databases via Dream Factory.

  • HelpScout - Monitor the performance of the support staff and customer’s satisfaction.

  • Pinterest - Track boards stats, pin stats and more.

Improved Service Integrations

  • Added new Stripe widgets for Charges, New Customers, Account Balance & Transfer amounts.

  • Google Analytics integration now supports:

  • Google Ecommerce

  • Google Adsense

  • Google Adwords

  • Google Ad Exchange

  • Google Double Click Campaign Manager

Other Features and Improvements

  • New widget background colors.

  • New watch app Complication support - Utilitarian Small.

  • Brightened watch widget background colors.

  • Improved watch app performance. Complication and glances now refresh data more often and the widgets are up-to-date.

  • Now using read-only OAuth scope with GitHub API. Please re-add the GitHub account to allow Numerics access with the modified permission scopes.

  • A difference in number format due to device locale caused a few widgets to fail, this has been fixed.

  • Squashed many bugs and improved performance.

Finally, a BIG thank you to all our beta testers who helped with testing the new features and integrations. If you'd like to be a member of the Numerics beta program, drop us a line and we'll send you an invite when we're ready.