Aug 12, 2020

AskNicely & Zendesk Talk



New Integrations


Visualize NPS Scores, Survey Stats & Historic Survey trends with 23 new widget templates

  • NPS Score as an absolute critical number

  • NPS distribution by detractors, promoters & passives

  • Count of detractors, promoters & passives

  • A gauge for email response rates & email open rate

  • Count of emails sent, opened and responded

  • Time series trends for NPS surveys

  • Line graph for overall NPS score trend

  • Line graphs for surveys sent, delivered, opened & responded

  • Line graphs for Detractors, passives & promoters

  • Line graph for comments as a % of survey responses

  • Line graph for responses as a % of opened surveys

  • Line graph for responses as a % of sent surveys

Zendesk Talk:

Visualize Account Stats, Queue Stats & Agent Stats for a 360 degree view of your calling processes with 46 new widget templates

  • Averages of call duration, queue wait time & wrap-up time

  • Totals of call duration, voicemails, wrap-up time & count of calls

  • Averages of callback wait time, hold time & answer times

  • Totals of abandoned calls, callback calls, inbound calls, outbound calls & widget callback calls

  • Totals for calls exceeding queue wait time, calls outside business hours & calls requesting voicemail redirects

  • Total agents online, callbacks waiting, calls waiting and longest wait times for queues

  • Calls accepted, denied, missed by agents

  • Totals & Averages of accepted transfers & started transfers

  • Averages of away time, available time, online time & talk time for agents

  • Averages of calls accepted, denied, missed & on hold


Google Analytics:

Updated the integration with 10 new widget templates to include top traffic sources & hour density of traffic engagement

  • Hour Density for page views, sessions & unique visitors

  • TopList for traffic sources broken down by:

  • Average session duration

  • Avg session duration

  • Bounce rate

  • Page views per session

  • Pageviews

  • Percent new sessions

  • Sessions

  • Unique visitors


Updated the integration with 4 new widget templates to include breakdown of tickets by statuses

  • Total tickets open

  • Total tickets pending

  • Total tickets on hold

  • Totals tickets in a selected view


Jamf School:

  • Fixed all count widget KPI templates that showed an error instead of 0.