Jul 27, 2023

Notion, Rows, RevenueCat, ProfitWell, Customer.io



New Integrations

  • Notion - Aggregate & visualize your custom data from Notion databases. The basic visualizations let you directly choose a numeric or text property from your databases. The advanced widgets let you design queries to filter and sort properties from your databases.

  • Rows - Create live data visualizations from your Rows spreadsheets and tables.

  • RevenueCat - Track key subscription analytics like MRR, Active users and more with 6 pre-designed KPIs.

  • ProfitWell - 125 KPI templates to help track subscription revenue with key metrics like MRR, Trials, Retention, Churn and more.

  • Customer.io - Stay on top of the performance of your marketing messaging in real time with 160 ready-to-use metrics like message open rates, clicked rates, converted messages and more.

Updated Integrations

  • Active Campaign - Added 12 new KPIs for custom objects of type contact, deal and account.

  • LiveChat - New Agent metrics to track performance for each agent on your team.

  • Intercom - Get new user/lead data based on a specific time spans.

  • Mailchimp - New KPIs added and enhanced the integration to track metrics from campaigns that belong to lists & segments. Improved the campaign listers for all widgets.

  • Pipedrive - Updated the authentication system to using OAuth.

  • Facebook Ads - Now updated to their latest API v17.0.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Resolved an issue in the Line Chart where the last value was not correctly displayed.

  • Resolved an issue in the number difference widget where the difference indicator was missing.

  • Removed ‘today’ time span from Google Analytics 4 widgets. Additionally now Google Analytics 4 widgets will show 0 value instead of erroring when there is no data in the response.