Feb 20, 2024

Mini Tracker Windows



  • Introducing the new mini-tracker window for visionOS! Now, you can take your favorite widget out of the dashboard and visualize a metric tracker in independent windows. Place these anywhere in your space to seamlessly integrate the tracker into your environment.

  • Exciting New Integration: GitLab! Track over 60 KPIs from the most comprehensive DevSecOps platform.

  • Automatic switching from column to flow mode when your dashboard count reduces to one, optimizing your viewing experience.

  • Fixed issue with GitHub KPIs for Hourly Commits, ensuring accuracy for both user and organization repositories.

  • Resolved time span issues with Google Analytics 4, providing comprehensive and accurate KPIs across all timeframes.

  • Enhanced security by utilizing non-sensitive scopes for listing Google Spreadsheets.

  • Fixed transparency issues with the App Icon on visionOS, ensuring a seamless and polished user experience.