Adding Images to Dashboards

Customize dashboards with brand logos & images.

In this guide, we'll discuss how to use the Image widgets to customize your Numerics dashboards with brand logos and images. By integrating these visual elements, you can enhance brand recognition and add a personal touch to your data presentations.

How to Add Brand Logos & Images to Your Dashboard

  1. Access the Widgets: Launch your Numerics app and find the integrations list. Under "Generic Widgets," you'll see two Image widget options: Image from URL and Image from URL in Double Size.

  2. Choose the Widget: Depending on your design needs, select either the Image from URL for a standard size display or Image from URL in Double Size for a larger display.

  3. Enter the Image URL: Upon selecting a widget, an 'Image URL' field will appear. Here, insert the URL of your brand logo or other images, ensuring they end with .jpeg or .png as these are the supported formats.


  4. Customize the Display: Tailor how your image or logo fits within the dashboard by selecting from the 'aspected fill', 'aspected fit', or 'centered' options. You can set different fits for the dashboard view and the zoom view to optimize visualization.

  5. Save Your Changes: After setting up your image or logo, save your changes. Your image or logo should now be a part of your dashboard!


  • Can I use multiple images on a single dashboard?
    Absolutely! You can add as many Image widgets as you need to incorporate various images and logos, just ensure they fit well within your dashboard layout.

  • What if my image or logo isn't showing up?
    Double-check your image URL to make sure it's correct and ends with .jpeg or .png. Additionally, ensure the image is publicly accessible on the web.

  • Can I use an image or logo saved on my device instead of a URL?
    Currently, Numerics supports only images that can be accessed via a URL.

Incorporating brand logos and images into your Numerics dashboard not only makes it visually appealing but also helps to enforce your brand identity in presentations and reports. With Numerics, your KPI dashboard is more than just numbers – it's a powerful communication tool that reflects your brand's unique identity.