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Display dashboards on the Apple TV.

Displaying Dashboards on Apple TV Using iCloud Sync

Numerics is designed to be a universal app that is uniquely optimized for the Apple TV. To start using Numerics on your Apple TV, follow these steps:

  1. Search for and download the Numerics app from the Apple TV App Store.

  2. Any in-app subscriptions purchased on your other devices will automatically be enabled on the Apple TV, ensuring a seamless transition across devices. Ensure you are logged in with the same Apple ID that you used to purchase the in-app subscription on another device.

  3. Numerics uses iCloud Sync to display your dashboards on Apple TV. On launch, Numerics will sync down all the dashboards from your iCloud-connected device.

Interacting with dashboards and widgets using unique controls

Numerics for Apple TV provides a tactile and smooth user experience with custom controls powered by Siri Remote gestures.

  1. To interact with a widget, swipe left, right, up, or down using the Siri Remote’s Touch Surface.

  2. Click to zoom into the widget.

  3. Swipe through your KPIs in zoom view using the focus-driven flipper control.

  4. Zoom into a line chart to see older values in the trend or keep the dashboard on to see the visualizations animate as the KPIs change.

Customizing dashboard layout for large TV screens

Numerics enables you to interact with each widget on your dashboards using the Siri Remote’s Touch Surface. Here's how to customize your dashboard:

  1. Click and hold the Siri Remote Touch Surface to make a widget extra large in size from the dashboard view. Click and hold to toggle between sizes.

  2. You can also tap the ‘Make big’ button in the top right corner of the widget, in the zoom view.

  3. Add background colors to the widgets and change their display order on the Apple TV by dragging and moving them on a connected device. The changes will be reflected in real-time on the Apple TV using iCloud Sync.

Running a dashboard slideshow on Apple TV

Numerics also offers a slideshow feature for your dashboards. To start a slideshow:

  1. Press the play/pause button on the Apple TV remote. The slideshow will loop through all the widgets in zoom view on a single dashboard.

  2. To choose a display time for each widget before the slideshow advances to show the next widget, go to the app Settings using the (i) button.

  3. Tap on “Set Slideshow Display Time” and choose from the available times. The available display times in seconds are - 10, 20, 30, 45 & 60 seconds.

  4. You can continue to browse through the widgets while in slideshow mode using the flipper control.

Using Numerics on Apple TV in Portrait Mode

If your TV screen is displayed vertically, you can setup Numerics to display in Portrait mode.

  1. To display team dashboards in a vertical setting, go to the app settings using the (i) button.

  2. Here tap on Experimental: Portrait Mode to toggle it ON.

  3. Once done, hold the Siri Remote in landscape mode to navigate through the app.

Using Apple TV as a Numerics server

By keeping Numerics active on your Apple TV, the app will keep your dashboards updated in the most optimal update frequencies and sync the updates using iCloud.

  1. Make sure your Apple TV and all other devices where you want to display your Numerics dashboards are logged in to the same iCloud account.

  2. Now, keep Numerics active on your Apple TV.

  3. In the Numerics app settings, turn ON the “Disable Sleep Timer” setting. This will ensure Numerics is always running on the Apple TV.

  4. If there is any change in the metrics or new dashboards / widgets are added, Numerics on Apple TV will send a push notification to all your iCloud connected devices to update their Numerics dashboards in the most optimal update frequencies and sync the updates using iCloud.

  5. This works even if the TV screen is turned off.

With this setup, your Apple TV will act as a realtime dashboard server for your Numerics dashboards, keeping them updated across all your devices.

In case of any difficulties or queries, please contact our support team for further assistance.