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Track metrics on the Apple Watch.

Setup Numerics for Apple Watch

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up Numerics on your Apple Watch, managing notifications, and adding your KPIs as watch face complications.

Installing Numerics on your Apple Watch

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

  2. Download the Numerics app for Apple Watch from the app list in the Watch app.

  3. Once downloaded, tap on the Numerics app inside the Watch app.

  4. Enable the ‘Show App on Apple Watch’ switch. Numerics should now be available on your Apple Watch.

Selecting KPIs to show on the Apple Watch

Numerics allows you to selectively add widgets to be displayed on your Apple Watch. Follow these steps:

  1. In Numerics on your iPhone, select the KPI widget you want to display on your Apple Watch.

  2. Enable the 'Show on Apple Watch' option for each of the selected widgets.

  3. You can add upto 10 KPIs on the Numerics Apple Watch app.

Numerics for Apple Watch is designed for quick interactions. This means you can swiftly check your KPIs on your watch, and for more in-depth analysis, you can continue on your phone with just a swipe from the iPhone lock screen using Handoff.

Navigating through KPIs on the Apple Watch App

Once you’ve selected the KPIs to show on the Apple Watch, you can view them all on the Numerics watch app.

  1. Open the Numerics app on your Apple Watch. This is where you can view all your important business metrics, or KPIs.

  2. Tap on a particular KPI widget to access the zoom view on the app.

  3. Once you're in the zoom view, you can quickly jump to the next KPI by turning the digital crown.

For better context and understanding of your data, the zoom view also displays the name of the dashboard that the current widget belongs to. This feature helps you stay oriented while scrolling through different metrics.

Adding widgets as Complications

Numerics allows you to add specific KPIs to your watch face as complications. Here's how to set this up:

  1. With the watch face showing on your Apple Watch, touch and hold the display, then tap Edit to enter customize mode.

  2. Tap the complication area where you'd like to see your KPI and use the digital crown to scroll to Numerics.

  3. All KPIs enabled on the Apple Watch are displayed, tap on the one you’d like to set as a complication

Numerics supports all complication types - Small, Utilitarian Large & Small, Modular Large & Small and can be used with any watch face that supports complications including the Siri, Kaleidoscope and Toy Story watch faces.

Setup custom Apple Watch Faces with multiple Numerics KPIs as Complications

  1. Choose the widgets you want to display on your Apple Watch in Numerics on your iPhone and flick the "Show on Apple Watch" switch ON for each of them. Once this is done, the widgets will be available in the complication selector of your watch face.

  2. In the complication selector of your watch face, find & add the Numerics widgets you’d like to monitor. Remember, Numerics supports all complication sizes, so you can customize your display to suit your needs and preferences.

  3. Enjoy your customized Numerics Apple Watch face.


  • How many KPIs can I display on my Apple Watch?
    You can display up to 10 KPIs on your Apple Watch using the Numerics app. If you try to add more than 10, the app will not allow it and you will have to remove an existing KPI to add a new one.

  • Why aren't my selected KPIs showing on my Apple Watch?
    If your selected KPIs aren't showing on your Apple Watch, first ensure they are enabled in the Numerics app on your iPhone. If they are enabled and still not appearing, check that your iPhone and Apple Watch are paired and that both devices have a stable internet connection. If the issue persists, try restarting both devices.

  • Can I use Numerics without an iPhone?
    No. Numerics relies on the iPhone to select and manage KPIs. Hence, you cannot use Numerics on your Apple Watch without an iPhone. Ensure your iPhone and Apple Watch are paired and have the Numerics app installed.

  • Why is my Numerics data not updating on my Apple Watch?
    If your Numerics data is not updating on your Apple Watch, make sure your iPhone and Apple Watch are connected, and that both devices have a good internet connection. Additionally, ensure background app refresh is enabled for Numerics on your iPhone.

  • How can I change the KPI that is displayed as a complication on my watch face?
    To change the KPI displayed as a complication on your watch face, press and hold the watch face on your Apple Watch, then tap 'Edit'. Tap the complication you want to change and scroll using the digital crown to find and select the desired KPI from Numerics.

  • How can I see more information from a Numerics widget on my Apple Watch?
    Numerics on Apple Watch is designed for quick glances at your data. For a more detailed view, you can transfer the widget from Apple Watch to iPhone using Handoff.

Remember, the Numerics dashboard on your Apple Watch offers a compact, but powerful way to track your KPIs on the go. With easy setup, customizable notifications, and handy complications, you can ensure you're always in touch with your business's performance.

For additional support or information, please visit the Numerics User Guide or reach out to our support team.