Built-in diagnostic logging

In-app support with built-in diagnostic logging.

Equipped with contextual help and a built- in diagnostic logging & reporting tool, Numerics provides customers with human support at their fingertips. With the core team deeply involved in the support process, we ensure that user success is our KPI.

When you have a problem with a widget, you can send us a diagnostic log.

If the widget is in an error mode, indicated by an "!" mark, please edit the widget and tap on the Send Report option of the error message box. The logging tool, generates a report when you tap on send report and this can help us identify the issue and solve it for you.

If the widget is not displaying data as expected and is not in error-mode, you can still send us a log. To do this:

  • On the edit widget screen, tap the ‘More info about this widget’

  • Here, tap the ‘Let us know’ button to open mail interface to send us the diagnostic log.