Dashboard Collaboration Example

Explore how to leverage Numerics' collaboration feature for effective team coordination and decision-making.

Numerics is a powerful business dashboard software that allows you to design, track, and communicate your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) using a multitude of integrated SaaS tools. Its collaboration feature is particularly useful in coordinating team efforts towards achieving business goals.

Let's look at an example of how the assistant marketing manager of Acme Corporation, Kate, uses the collaboration feature to drive and coordinate her digital marketing team toward their marketing goals.

Team Structure

Kate's team consists of several specialists, each with their own responsibilities and KPIs to track using Numerics:

  1. John, the SEO Specialist: Maximizes inbound traffic to websites through keyword integration and SEO analytics. Tracks KPIs from Google Analytics and Simple Analytics.

  2. Claire, the Data Analyst: Helps the team understand the success of strategies and make informed marketing decisions. Tracks all KPIs from all the service integrations.

  3. James, the Public Relations Manager: Improves public perception of Acme Corporation and develops customer outreach and social media campaigns. Tracks KPIs from Intercom, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  4. Juliet, the Brand Strategist: Helps the team make important decisions that could influence the brand’s image. Tracks all KPIs from all the service integrations.

  5. Desmond, the Content Marketer: Writes, edits, and publishes text and web copy for promotional use. Tracks KPIs from Google Analytics and Simple Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Rebrandly, and Pinterest.

  6. Shannon, the Website Developer: Builds and maintains company’s web pages. Tracks KPIs from Google Analytics and Simple Analytics.

  7. Richard, the PPC Specialist: Oversees the team’s paid digital advertising efforts. Tracks KPIs from Facebook Ads and Pinterest Ads.

Device Usage

Every team member has an iPhone, iPad, MacOS, and Apple Watch devices. They sync their Numerics dashboards across all devices using their own iCloud accounts. Additionally, the meeting room and the large office has Apple TVs synced with Kate’s iCloud account with Numerics app open all the time.

Regular Use of Numerics

Each team member tracks the KPIs they are responsible for via their devices and enable Numerics notifications and Siri for easy access to data during busy schedules. In case of abrupt changes in trends that require a different marketing approach, relevant team members immediately huddle for analysis before reporting to Kate. If KPIs fall within the expected range, team members prepare for daily briefings where they discuss ways to increase efficiency and set higher goals.

Collaborative Decision Making

When the company experiences a setback in customer numbers, Kate uses Numerics to guide her team towards a solution. Here are the steps she takes:

  1. Maximizing website traffic: Kate creates a dashboard in her Numerics app, adds Google Analytics and Simple Analytics widgets, and starts collaborating with the team. Relevant team members add additional widgets to the dashboard for all to track.

  2. Optimizing customer relation efforts: Kate creates a second dashboard, adds Simple Analytics and Intercom widgets, and adds relevant team members to the collaboration list with edit rights to populate the widgets.

  3. Evaluating advertisement performance: Kate creates an 'Ad Performance' dashboard and allows the PPC Specialist to add technical KPIs using widgets from Facebook Ads and Pinterest Ads service integrations. The rest of the team has view-only rights.

  4. Managing social media pages: Kate tasks the Content Marketer to add Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest page related KPI widgets to a new dashboard and encourages all team members to edit the dashboard in order

to evaluate the company’s social media presence.

Kate understands that collaboration is a continuous process. She encourages updates like adding/removing widgets, changing widget configurations, and changing service accounts for widgets. Before any important brief, which could result in a course of action for the company, she ensures that all team members have access to relevant and up-to-date data. She also invites higher-level executives to view the dashboard without editing rights.

Advantages of Numerics Collaboration Feature

The collaboration feature in Numerics provides several benefits:

  • Dashboard owners can set boundaries for the team to work within, but also provide a flexible approach for populating the dashboard.

  • Every team member has access to relevant and updated KPIs to observe.

  • The data is securely shared without giving participants access to account-related data.

  • The iCloud infrastructure provides a swift and reliable way for data updates.

  • No individual configuration and extra work is needed for each member of the team to create the same dashboards.

  • The team-based approach aids the decision-making process by incorporating the unique perspective of every team member.

  • It significantly lowers the preparation time for group activities.

  • It minimizes the risk of individual mistakes like missing important KPIs or using incorrect widget configurations.

Numerics offers a fully featured free edition limited to 3 KPIs and a pro subscription, available exclusively on the App Store. Use it to its fullest potential to track, understand, and improve your business metrics.

For any queries or issues while using Numerics, feel free to consult the other resources in the User Guide or contact our support team.