Queensway Automotive Group

Numerics dashboards for a Mazda dealership based in the Greater Toronto Area.

A Legacy of Excellence: Tracing Queensway Automotive's Roots

Queensway Automotive Group started in 1958 as a family business, and is now one of the largest auto dealers in Canada.

With five stores across Ontario, Canada, and 200 employees, the dealership takes pride in its focus on people, employee motivation, and customer satisfaction.

Old Habits, New Challenges: A Look at Queensway's Data Management Woes

Queensway Automotive used emails, spreadsheets, and dry-erase boards to display sales tracking and targets.

The process was messy and old-school, and there was a lack of accountability for entering sales data. Sales teams couldn’t see how their performance tracked against their targets and sales in the other stores.

The Call for Change: When Innovation Clashes with Tradition

Will, the owner of Queensway Automotive Group, believed that there should be a more simple and secure solution for gathering and using sales data. But not everyone was open to the change.

“Why do we need to change something that’s not broken? I’m worried that the implementation will be expensive and complex,” the general manager objected.

“I want a solution that will help us easily organize and retrieve back-end data. We need to be ahead of the competition,” Will said.

In Search of the Perfect Solution: Exploring the Possibilities of Apple Integration

As a user of Mac, iPhone, and iPad, Will had a lot of trust in Apple products, and he wanted a solution that extended visibility into back-end sales data through Apple TV and Apple Watch.

He had to find a transformative app to give employees across multiple stores real-time access to personalized dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs), and metrics. And the solution had to support some of the existing systems and tools the company used, like Microsoft Office 365.

Embracing Transformation: The Implementation of Cynapse's Numerics Solution at Queensway

Queensway Automotive Group worked with Cynapse and their Numerics solution to develop custom dashboards that display important business KPIs such as sales targets, accessory sales, and revenue growth.

The dealership implemented Apple TV devices in boardrooms and managers’ offices. Employees and management can now see important sales data in real time.

The solution proved to be truly transformative, with unexpected process enhancements.

Reaping the Benefits: The Tangible Impact of Real-time Data Access

For example, the process for entering data has greatly improved—there’s now accountability across stores to enter accurate sales data in a timely manner, since stores want to share their sales results.

"And we noticed productivity gains. Sales went up because of the competition—teams have more transparency into what’s happening at other locations. As a result, we have a 5 percent increase in gross average per car,” Will said.

The Road Ahead: Leveraging Technology for Future Growth at Queensway Automotive Group

Queensway Automotive Group is looking to implement Apple TV devices and dashboards across its service department to improve customer satisfaction and gain visibility into customer service data.

“We’re a company that tries to look forward. Apple is a premium product, and we can use Apple products in a simple and functional way,” Will said. “We are working with Cynapse to integrate data from our currently unconnected 3rd party apps and applications. Being able to just connect a few of them will be a large boon to our business. Connecting most of them would be revolutionary. We expect to experience a significant increase in productivity and a significant decrease in expense as we complete the replacements of what is currently available.”